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Have a question? You can start here, but always reach out to us for more details and information. You can reach one of our experienced team members at any time.

Who is Rep Data?

We’re industry veterans focused on delivering the highest-quality data for quantitative research. When we started Rep Data, we knew there was a better way to meet your data collection needs, and we vowed to find a better solution.

We’ve combined decades of experience with the latest technology to deliver higher standards of quality control, unbiased multi-sourced data, and solutions-driven proactive customer service.

Our clients include market research agencies, management consultancies, Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies, brand strategy consultancies, universities, communications agencies, public relations firms, and more.

Does Rep Data do qualitative and quantitative research?

We are experts in quantitative research, bringing you unmatched industry experience, unbiased multi-source data, higher standards of quality control, and a solutions-driven proactive customer experience.

Where does Rep Data’s sample come from?

We expertly aggregate survey respondents from across the market research ecosystem. We are not tied down to one source so we are able to secure the right sample that best meets your needs. Whether you need B2C, B2B, or hard-to-reach niche respondents, we can access any type utilizing 250+ sample sources globally.

What is Research Desk?

Imagine securing real, relevant, and reliable primary research through one centralized platform. With Research Desk, it’s not only possible, it’s the best way to obtain the highest-quality survey data you need consistently.

No more multiple login bingo, no more cross-checking nightmares, no more reconciliation redundancy, no more data quality concerns. Now you can pull all data sources together, run them through centralized fraud controls, monitor regularly, and reconcile with the click of a button – all with one powerful tool.

Is Research Desk completely DIY?

Yes, we wanted to provide experienced researchers like you a level of control you’ve never had before. With Research Desk’s aggregation feature and our quality and fraud controls built in, you can feel confident your data isn’t fraudulent – no matter where your sample is coming from.

We trust Research Desk’s success because we use it ourselves. We’ve successfully delivered more than 5 million completed survey responses for our customers using the platform. And now, you can too.

Are there different packages available?

Yes, Research Desk Manual Source (External) and Research Desk Automated Source (Internal) are the two current options available to you. The best part? We don’t have subscription fees and there are no upfront minimum commitments. You can read more about both of our offerings here.

Why was Research Desk created?

Research Desk tackles the data quality problem. It goes beyond the standard quality checks provided by most suppliers and significantly reduces the amount of time you spend reconciling. It’s an easier – and better – way to manage your sample.

How does Rep Data protect my sample?

Combating fraud is — and always will be — our top priority. Our managed services team provides full-service data cleaning throughout your project, not just at the end. We combine experienced human intervention with the latest machine-learning technology – powered by Research Defender – to keep the fraudsters and bad actors out of your data.

How does Rep Data deliver quality data?

Less fraud leads to quality data and better insights. Whether you use our full-service Research Services or our self-serve Research Desk, we implement a proprietary process to verify your data isn’t fraudulent. Our award-winning Research Defender uses the most sophisticated tools available to create a comprehensive view of your data quality.

What is Rep Data’s data cleaning process?

As long as we have access to your data files, we proactively clean your data. Our experienced team takes a multi-pronged approach using the latest tools, technology, and human oversight to clean your data throughout the project, not just at the end. We utilize a 16-check process to evaluate survey engagement, duplicates, and fraud, and we ensure every project is quality-checked by an experienced Rep Data team member who reviews every open-ended response.