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With the right tools
and expertise

Our goal is to always get you the highest-quality data — fast.
Here’s how we do it.

Our team uses multi-source sampling to maximize speed and feasibility in the pursuit of qualified respondents for your research. All your data, including your own lists and panels, is then pulled through Research Desk, filtered through Research Defender, cleaned three times, and monitored by our world-class service team.

The result? The highest-quality data in the industry.

Securing high-quality data is possible with the right tools and expertise. No matter your sample needs or the level of support you seek, we have a solution to help you secure real, relevant, and reliable data so you can build actionable insights.

Research Defender

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive
Fraud Prevention Platform

Research Defender has always been at the core of Rep Data’s data quality offerings. So much so, we acquired this award-winning solution because we believe in the technology and the people behind it.

Whether you use our full-service Research Services or our self-serve Research Desk, Research Defender will provide the latest technology to keep fraudsters and bad actors out of your research.

When we started Rep Data, we knew there was a better way to deliver the highest-quality data in the industry. So we developed a proprietary solution, powered and protected by Research Defender, that would simplify processes and revolutionize quantitative data collection, management, and reconciliation.

With Research Defender, the industry’s most comprehensive fraud prevention platform, you can have control, confidence, and peace of mind knowing your data is clean.

For years, our team tested and proved the power of the Research Desk platform. Our managed services team has collected and processed

while meeting our stringent fraud mitigation and data quality standards — provided by Research Defender.

We can leverage our tools and expertise on your behalf. Think of our team of experienced project managers as an extension of your own.

Research Services

A World-Class Customer Experience

From day one, we become a collaborative team. We’ll get to know you, evaluate your quantitative research needs, and work together to get you the best possible results.

With managed services, you’ll have a dedicated Rep Data project manager assigned to manage the process from start to finish. Through our unmatched expertise, unbiased multi-source data, higher standards of quality control, multiple layers of fraud protection, and solutions-driven customer experience we’ll find and deliver the highest-quality primary research data for every project.

Data Cleaning

16 Checks Throughout the Process

Why spend 3-5 hours per survey cleaning your own data? Our experienced team takes a multi-pronged approach, using the latest tools, technology, and human oversights to proactively clean the data throughout your project’s fielding window. Our 16-check process includes identifying speeding, straightlining, poor open-ends, duplicate responses, and more.


Their team understands what’s important to our business model, and pays close attention to the outcomes our customers need. Rep Data’s recruiting process for sample is phenomenal, and they have, hands down, the best customer service I’ve come across in this industry.

I cannot tell clients "I’m waiting on the data" when they need their study results. With RepData that scenario hasn’t presented itself. The data is available, it’s good data, it came quickly. All their work is crisply done.

The Rep Data team really comes to the table with ideas of how to problem solve. I feel like they always have our back. They take the time to understand each project and then apply this knowledge to make sure that things run smoothly from start to finish, so that we can deliver quality, on-time outcomes.

Rep Data continues to be our primary surveying partner and provides outstanding response time to the many curve balls we get in our studies.

We had a challenging recruit with multiple languages and a tight deadline. Our PM was proactive and well-organized throughout.