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When you need a partner to execute your primary research survey, our Research Services team has you covered. You’ll be assigned a dedicated, seasoned Rep Data project manager — who will get to know you and your needs.

Our process starts and ends with a thoughtful, creative, and highly-collaborative approach to delivering the data you need quickly and accurately, every time.

While you focus on what you’re good at — research, analytics, and insights — we focus on what we’ve perfected, the data collection process for primary quantitative research.

Consumer & Business Professionals

We use unbiased, innovative, multi-sourced aggregation to find any respondent you need.

Fraud Protection

We use 5 layers of fraud protection, including advanced technology and human expertise, to deliver high quality data you can trust.

Data Cleaning

We automatically clean data for you multiple times during fielding on every project to meet your deadlines and budget.

Project Management

We hire experienced project managers who know what to look for and consistently communicate to ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

Our relentless pursuit of finding and delivering the highest-quality datastarts and ends with a thoughtful, creative, and highly collaborative approach todelivering clean primary research data for every project.

Unmatched Experience

With decades of experience, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. This allows us to understand your data needs faster, budget accurately from day one, and communicate clearly with one point of contact throughout the project.

Unbiased Multi-Source Data

We don’t own our own panel. With access to 250+ sample sources globally, we can access every audience type, from the most common to the most challenging.

Higher Standards of Quality Control

Our experienced team’s know-how, combined with five levels of technological fraud mitigation, including digital fingerprinting, text analytics, respondent-level tracking, and proprietary hidden variable techniques, ensures you get the highest-quality data.

Solutions-Driven, Proactive Customer Experience

We constantly monitor and verify the survey throughout the process and keep you regularly updated on the status of the project. From understanding your needs to project execution and data delivery, we strive to serve as a collaborative and seamless extension of your team.




Our Research Services team would love to work with you

We thrive on tackling the most demanding data collection challenges for clients worldwide – in B2B, B2C, and hard-to-reach niche markets. This relentless pursuit of the highest-quality data while delivering the best customer service is what we live for.


“Rep Data is so easy to work with, they always have a good attitude and even with seemingly impossible projects their response is ‘this is what we can do to make it happen.’ Their team is very experienced in the market research industry and they know exactly what they are doing. They partner with you to understand your needs, think strategically about how to access niche audiences, and they always deliver.”

Lynn Pellicano, Senior Market Research Manager, Simon-Kucher and Partners

“Working with Rep Data is just so much more efficient for our team. We get project cost and feasibility more quickly, regardless of the market. Our project manager is extremely responsive, any time of the day, and we can have confidence that he is watching our studies closely to determine whether we need to make a change to get the exact audience needed. You just don’t get that level of service with other vendors.”

Jenny Zaragoza, Senior Project Manager, The Sound

“I have enough to worry about on a daily basis. By engaging Rep Data, I don’t have to worry about data collection anymore. I know I can rely on the insights coming out of a project, because the process is expertly managed from start to finish. Everything lines up in the end, and I don’t have to question what I’m getting back—I’m confident that project results are based on quality data.”

Ken Barberio, Director of Research Operations, Nielsen Sports

“Rep Data truly acts as an extension of our team, treating us with the same commitment and philosophy with which we treat our own clients. It is comforting to know that they are paying close attention to every project to ensure it is balanced and that we will get the data we need, on time. I appreciate that they are proactive in field monitoring, and creative in finding solutions to any potential data collection challenges.”

Ally Corbin, Senior Director, Consumer Insights & Strategy, Navigate

“This is what service is really about from a market research provider. I’ve tried other companies to help with data collections, and Rep Data’s customer service stands out from the crowd. I believe that data quality and service go hand-in-hand, and I’ve definitely found this to be true while working with them. Because I know that the Rep Data team is doing good work and I can trust them, I can focus on my own job, and know that the quality will be there in the end.”

Wyatt Schrock, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Michigan State University

“Rep Data understands the whole marketplace with knowledge surrounding all the different panels that are available, and they could source from different partners to get us what we needed. Their collaboration on each step of the data collection process helped us create a positive respondent experience, and higher quality outcomes.”

Michele Linn, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy, Mantis Research

“Our studies are inherently complex, dealing with different kinds of content, different types of clients and different types of study outcomes. With Rep Data, we hoped to access higher quality respondents to deliver higher quality data for our clients. Not only have those expectations been met, they’ve been exceeded.”

Steve Mushkin, Founder, Latitude

“The Rep Data team really comes to the table with ideas of how to problem solve. I feel like they always have our back. They take the time to understand each project and then apply this knowledge to make sure that things run smoothly from start to finish, so that we can deliver quality, on-time outcomes.”

Jane Warren, Group Director, Goodby Silverstein

“I cannot tell clients ‘I’m waiting on the data’ when they need their study results. With RepData that scenario hasn’t presented itself. The data is available, it’s good data, it came quickly. All their work is crisply done.”

Mark Allen, President, American Public

“Since we started working with Rep Data, our Quant Director has not called anybody else for sample and data collection needs. Their team understands what’s important to our business model, and pays close attention to the outcomes our customers need. Rep Data’s recruiting process for sample is phenomenal, and they have, hands down, the best customer service I’ve come across in this industry.”

John Ziegler, CEO, Acclaro Growth Partners