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Imagine a DIY sampling tool that connects all your legacy providers through one centralized platform, all benefiting from consistent quality standards.

Imagine securing real, relevant, and reliable data through one centralized platform. With Research Desk, it’s not only possible, it’s the best way to obtain the highest-quality data you need, consistently.

No more multiple login bingo, no more cross-checking nightmares, no more reconciliation redundancy, no more data quality concerns. Now you can pull all data sources together, run them through centralized fraud controls, monitor regularly, and reconcile with the click of a button – all with one powerful tool.

Research Desk has revolutionized the process of procuring and managing quality data. Period.

Securing high-quality data has never been more challenging. As our industry evolves and artificial intelligence and other threats become more prevalent, having the right tools in place is more critical than ever. Research Desk is transforming how you acquire, manage, and secure the highest-quality data each and every time.

Now with Rep Data's Research Desk, there's a different — and better — way to do data.

Centralize, monitor, and reconcile all data sources you currently field with

Mitigate fraud across all sources for consistent data quality 

Simplify project reconciliation and billing details

Save time, resources, and frustration

If you’ve worked with multiple sample sources, you’ve likely experienced varying degrees of fraud prevention and a lack of universal standards applied to your data.

We’ve built into Research Desk the industry’s most comprehensive fraud detection software, Research Defender, to ensure your data is protected, whether coming from an online panel or your own lists.

With Research Desk, you have control, confidence, and peace of mind.