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Nielsen Sports

Rep Data helps Nielsen Sports deliver rock-solid insights in the fast-paced sports industry

Rep Data helps Nielsen Sports find rock-solid feasibility for custom market research projects


Nielsen Sports, the premier provider of analytics and insights within the quickly growing sports industry, is committed to reliable, holistic data on consumer trends and habits around the globe. Consistent data is key to the company’s success—and that means starting with sampling consistency. In such a fast- moving space, Nielsen Sports must ensure that projects are launched quickly, with rock-solid feasibility and full quotas in order to deliver high quality results.


In the past, these key premises were occasionally difficult to achieve. In some cases, the team wouldn’t realize that the data coming out of a project was low quality until after the fieldwork was complete and analysis began. Slow response times from vendors, empty promises surrounding respondent audiences, and nonsensical study results—that were impossible to defend at the results stage—were just a few of the ongoing challenges. In addition, Nielsen was having trouble targeting representative populations from hard-to-find segments such as young male eSports enthusiasts.

With 15-20 custom projects running at any given time, Nielsen Sports needed a better way to ensure data quality so that they could be confident that business decisions were based on true, representative insights.

The Outcomes

Nielsen Sport’s reputation is built on quality data, so the company seeks to partner with firms that are going to give them high-level research project results. The company turned to the experts at Rep Data with the sole intention of enhancing the quality of its panel data. What they found was even better: unbelievably responsive customer service, faster speed to insights and true data-driven, accurate results.

The ultimate outcome? Nielsen Sports knows that any business decisions based on data coming from studies with Rep Data are accurate and defensible.

“I have enough to worry about on a daily basis. By engaging Rep Data, I don’t have to worry about data collection anymore. I know I can rely on the insights coming out of a project, because the process is expertly managed from start to finish. Everything lines up in the end, and I don’t have to question what I’m getting back—I’m confident that project results are based on quality data.”

Ken Barberio, Director of Research Operations, Nielsen Sports

The Details

Nielsen Sports worked with Rep Data to improve processes from start to finish with a focus on quality every step of the way.

  • Improved speed: Projects that formerly took vendors up to 10 days to execute are now programmed in just 24-48 hours.
  • Respondent quality: Ability to access a wide number of sampling resources to reach quotas for niche audiences, coupled with upfront, honest communication about feasibility to avoid surprises.
  • Worry-free fieldwork: Rep Data’s extensive expertise in field monitoring ensures every project runs smoothly from start to finish, and leaves the Nielsen team more time to focus on business goals.
  • Expert service: Rep Data’s customer-service focused team over-delivers with nearly instant responses to any contact from the Nielsen team.