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Goodby Silverstein and Partners

Goodby Silverstein & Partners finds an agile research partner in Rep Data for niche insights

Goodby Silverstein & Partners finds an agile, knowledgeable research partner when it puts Rep Data to work for niche brand client insights


Goodby Silverstein & Partners is a well-known advertising and creative agency based in San Francisco which offers full-service strategy and conducts extensive in-house research to provide insights for client projects. The agency’s internal Research Strategy team conducts both qualitative and quantitative market research projects to help guide critical decision-making for brands in a wide variety of categories.

The Challenge

Goodby Silverstein was experiencing several challenges with its sample supplier. Projects were taking a long time to field, costs were high and poor project management kept tasks from running smoothly. These hurdles continued to build up and ultimately resulted in delayed results and high frustration levels, something which was not tenable in a fast-paced marketplace.

Because the Research Strategy team works on many different research projects at once, and timelines are tight, they were incredibly pressured to deliver on-time outcomes. The team was hungry for something better.

The Solution

They turned to Rep Data for a solution. Rep Data’s team takes the time to truly understand the desired outcomes for each project, plus the problem that needs to be solved, and then strategizes the best way to set up the sample. While projects are in field, Rep Data proactively reaches out on a daily basis, discusses progress and provides recommendations to overcome any potential challenges.

For example, Goodby Silverstein’s team was working on a study covering both electric vehicle owners and intenders for a large international automotive company. Finding electric vehicle owners to survey was almost impossible with an extremely low incidence rate. Rep Data closely monitored progress, providing daily updates to the Research Strategy team and came up with creative solutions to open up the project and extend fieldwork to get the right number of respondents.

“The Rep Data team really comes to the table with ideas of how to problem solve. I feel like they always have our back. They take the time to understand each project and then apply this knowledge to make sure that things run smoothly from start to finish, so that we can deliver quality, on-time outcomes.”

Jane Warren, Group Director, Goodby Silverstein

The Details

The Rep Data team’s speed and flexibility in meeting each project’s diverse needs made them a true partner for Goodby Silverstein. From quick project turnarounds (e.g. a project turned in on a Friday was launched by Monday), to an agile, cost-effective approach, Rep Data has delivered:

  • 15-20% savings in the overall hard costs for sampling and fieldwork
  • 100% reduction in frustration through exponentially better project management
  • Greater ROI ratio due to the team’s true investment in the outcome of each project