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Acclaro Growth Partners

Acclaro reaches targeted brand audiences through Rep Data's data collection expertise


Acclaro Growth Partners is a growth strategy consulting firm primarily serving private equity fund and investment banking clients. In the fast- paced, highly competitive financial industry, Acclaro’s clients need to quickly gain a fact- based understanding of their markets via research and analysis with niche B2B audiences.

The Challenge

Each one of Acclaro’s engagements is what its team calls a “special case” and they are often tasked with investigating an entirely unique vertical market that may have never been studied before. This means they need to obtain very specific sample to reach the appropriate audiences.

In the past, the firm has struggled with other vendors to obtain representative sample and fill quotas, scrambling mid-field to gain enough respondents to deliver usable insights. In addition, the Acclaro team was often forced to use low-quality client customer lists from which they mined survey respondents. This posed a wide number of challenges including unqualified contacts, unscrubbed lists, low participation rates and a struggle to gain enough data.

This complexity is overlaid by a need to deliver a quick turnaround to clients from the proposal and bidding process all the way through to the insights delivery. Because the firm conducts commercial diligence for most of its clients—at the end of the overall due diligence phase during a merger or acquisition—they are working against extremely tight deadlines.

The Solution

Acclaro Growth Partners turned to Rep Data to help them find the appropriate sample for a critical project that was not meeting quotas. Skipping the sub-par customer list, Rep Data was able to find the right niche B2B sample to complete the survey and deliver high-quality data. After this initial project, Acclaro has not contacted any other vendor and exclusively uses Rep Data for its sample needs - obtaining consistent, quality data for its research projects.

Working with Rep Data means that Acclaro is able to:

  • Deliver client proposals quickly, with a range of possible cost options, due to Rep Data’s thorough and fast estimate delivery process
  • Obtain highly nuanced B2B sample from a wide variety of sources resulting in consistent, quality data for building client strategies
  • Know where each project stands at any moment due to constant communication and formal daily reports from the Rep Data project management team

Since we started working with Rep Data, our Quant Director has not called anybody else for sample and data collection needs. Their team understands what’s important to our business model, and pays close attention to the outcomes our customers need. Rep Data’s recruiting process for sample is phenomenal, and they have, hands down, the best customer service I’ve come across in this industry.

John Ziegler, CEO, Acclaro Growth Partners

Rep Data acts as a true partner for Acclaro by taking the time to understand the intricacies of each project’s end goals. By applying extensive industry experience, the Rep Data team sets clear, realistic expectations, and is able to guide each project expertly across the finish line. Acclaro now runs 100% of its survey engagements with Rep Data and is expecting to double the amount of survey projects year-over-year in 2021.