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Boost data quality for your primary research projects with Rep Data

“Rep Data’s collaboration on each step of the data collection process helped us create a positive respondent experience,
and higher quality outcomes.”

Michele Linn, Mantis Research

You need quality data from your market research projects. We make it easy. By combining our team’s expertise with the latest technology, you can gain high-quality insights for decision-making across your organization.

With Rep Data, you get:

  • Representative, diverse sample crowdsourced from multiple, reputable suppliers on every project.
  • In-house expertise delivered by knowledgeable, responsive research experts, who work hard to ensure your project delivers the data you need. 
  • Expert project management for fieldwork to eliminate common challenges in the data collection process.
  • Data quality checks at every phase of the project, both by humans and the latest technology.
  • Access to leading fraud mitigation solutions that we’ve co-authored via our best-in-class partnerships - part of our commitment to quality.  

We believe there is a balance to be found in the data collection space in order to achieve better data quality. Our team takes a thoughtful, highly collaborative approach that brings creative solutions to the table in order to deliver clean primary research data for every project.

By prioritizing respondent experience, we help ensure trustworthy data from engaged, qualified survey participants. And because we conduct unbiased, efficient sourcing from multiple panels and sample suppliers, we are able to deliver more representative results - even for niche audiences. Plus, our layered fraud mitigation techniques create a clean, healthy and efficient market research ecosystem, which equals clean, quality data.

Rep Data offers full-service data collection solutions for primary researchers. Contact us today to boost your data quality. 

“Working with Rep Data gives us greater certainty and peace of mind that we will be able to deliver what we promised to our clients.”

Brian Rafferty, Siegel+Gale