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We write for Forbes about people-first strategies


Since we were founded just over two years ago, Rep Data leadership has had a very clear vision of our values, priorities and goals. One foundational premise is that people come first, always. Our CEO Patrick Stokes writes for Forbes in an article called “The True Business Value of Putting People First” about how this approach helps contribute to business success, as well as just being the right thing to do. 

Employees are a critical part of this strategy, especially when a business has a service offering, as you are really selling the “skills, expertise and time of team members.” This means that focusing on keeping staff motivated, engaged and satisfied is important, and Patrick writes about several best practices to accomplish this. From prioritizing work-life balance and flexibility, all the way to providing opportunities for advancement, he outlines a few basics that every leader should consider.

People-first practices that begin on the home turf can then extend to other parts of the business. Patrick writes: “Your customers must, of course, be a key part of this strategy. By taking the time to understand what each one of your clients needs, and act as an extension of their team, you can significantly enhance your offering. This means being agile enough to pivot based on the unique situation, timing, deliverables and more - and having enough knowledge to recommend and execute more effective, efficient approaches.”

He covers how this approach has contributed to Rep Data’s rapid growth, success and customer satisfaction from the ground up. You can read some of our case studies and testimonials from clients here, which illustrate exactly how a people-first, service-oriented approach is different from other data collection companies - and how it is impacting our clients’ businesses in a positive way. Patrick says keeping a close eye on customer feedback can help ensure consistent service delivery.

The article concludes with: “No matter what type of business you have, a people-first strategy can contribute greatly to your overall success - from employee retention to meeting revenue goals. This isn’t just abstract advice: we’ve seen it at work in our company for the last two years.”

For the complete article, click here.