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Patrick Stokes

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Patrick is a 20-year veteran of the online sample space. As an early employee at e-Rewards/Research Now (now Dynata), he was a top performer on a team that increased the company's revenue from $30m to $300m during his nine-year tenure. After moving home to New Orleans to join Federated Sample (now Lucid), he led sales teams that transformed the company from a startup to a disruptor, growing revenue a combined 6x in six years. His proven track record of leading high-performing sales teams has garnered him a reputation of consistency, trust, and reliability from his peers and loyal customers.

Since joining the sample industry in 2006, Patrick has witnessed dozens of panel mergers and acquisitions and frequent reorganizations. This created inconsistent survey execution that severely impacted the customer experience, industry-wide. So, he decided to do something about it. Putting client needs and data quality first, Patrick forged his own path, recruited the best in the industry, implemented the right technologies to secure truthful data, and Rep Data was born.