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Research Defender’s Unique Deduplication Solution Equals Less Waste and Better Experiences for TheoremReach


For over a decade, TheoremReach has forged meaningful connections between its clients and real audiences who provide valuable market research data through survey participation. Collaborating with numerous publishers spanning web and mobile platforms, the company actively seeks out engaged respondents and offers them a range of incentives in exchange for their time. In turn, clients gain direct access to this diverse pool of potential respondents by harnessing TheoremReach's APIs and user-friendly DIY platform. In this ecosystem, it is critical to identify and eliminate any fraudulent activity and employ all the latest innovations to ensure quality insights.


TheoremReach consistently seeks advanced solutions - at every stage of the research process to enhance positive respondent experiences, elevate data quality, and mitigate fraud. To achieve these objectives, the company recognizes the necessity of addressing fraud through various approaches, often turning to experts dedicated to creating solutions for specific challenges in the survey and sample sector.

One unresolved issue pertained to the deduplication of respondents, ensuring that the same individual did not participate in the same survey multiple times. For instance, clients often engage respondents through multiple providers, increasing the likelihood of duplicate entries with no way of knowing this was happening before it was too late. When this does happen, there is waste at the end of the survey, as some responses have to be eliminated during data cleaning. In addition, duplication negatively impacts respondent experiences, as people may unwittingly take the same survey twice, spending unnecessary time for which they don’t receive a reward. TheoremReach required a real-time, automated solution to prevent such occurrences.


Upon learning about Research Defender's deduplication product, the TheoremReach team was intrigued, given that no other vendor was providing this type of solution. More than two years ago, they promptly agreed to beta test the product. It was evident that the leadership at Research Defender shared the same concerns as TheoremReach, displaying a genuine commitment to resolving persistent quality issues within the market research industry and taking a proactive stance in addressing ongoing problems. Furthermore, the deduplication product from Research Defender filled a crucial gap in TheoremReach's pursuit of data quality and enhanced respondent experiences.


The decision to collaborate with Research Defender was based on the recognition that the offering was unparalleled in the market, effectively addressing specific challenges encountered in the industry. In the two years since implementation, TheoremReach has:

  • Reduced Waste: Since adopting Research Defender's solution, a 5% reduction in transactional waste has been achieved by eliminating the need to discard duplicate responses at the conclusion of a survey. This translates to significant savings given the scale of millions of surveys and respondents involved.
  • Improved Experiences: Respondents can no longer enter a survey they've previously taken, guaranteeing that they only engage in tasks for which they will receive rewards. Previously, there was a risk that they might repeat a survey, inadvertently forfeiting their incentive and wasting their time.

"When we heard what Research Defender was doing, we were happy to see that someone else truly cared about some of the challenges we face as an industry and had made a commitment to improving data quality. Since implementing their deduplication solution, we no longer have to worry about the duplication side of market research, which can be pretty sizable depending on how the sample is allocated. From day one, Research Defender has provided a lot of value to us."

Garik Goldsheyd, Co-founder, TheoremReach