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The Sound

Rep Data creates end-to-end efficiencies and high touch service for The Sound

Working with Rep Data creates end-to-end efficiencies and delivers cost savings for brand strategy agency, The Sound


The Sound is a consumer exploration, brand strategy and product innovation agency that helps brands understand people and solve marketing challenges. The agency has an established focus on understanding people to help advise strategies for brands to be heard and take action among target audiences. They take a 360-degree view, leveraging qualitative, quantitative, film and design.

The Challenge

In order to garner representative sample for its quantitative research projects, The Sound needed to ensure that individuals from the right demographic groups were clicking through to its surveys. While some hurdles lay in finding consumers for projects with tighter profiling requirements, the real challenge was in finding the detail-oriented project management expertise necessary to manage click balancing. The Sound needed highly granular visibility into where respondents were coming from to ensure quality insights from each study.

The problem lay in the fact that some sample vendors The Sound worked with did not offer this level of service. Because of the lack of close monitoring, the team was forced to bring in sample at the last minute to meet quotas, resulting in more time and more money spent in-field to complete data collection.

The Solution

The Sound turned to Rep Data for help. From the beginning, the process was very transparent, allowing the agency to understand feasibility right up front. Rep Data team members are able to look at each project individually and use their extensive industry experience to predict outcomes, and come up with creative solutions on how to get the right people into a survey.

This partnership results in efficiencies all along the workflow. Rep Data carefully reviews bid requests to understand the detailed parameters for each project’s sample needs, and quickly provides the information needed for The Sound to deliver accurate client proposals on tight timelines.

Once in-field, Rep Data takes a responsive, proactive project management approach to move studies along. The team is constantly monitoring each project, ready to pivot on a moment’s notice if there is a drop in activity or incidence rates start to fall. The Sound can tap into its U.S.-based, single point of professional contact at Rep Data any time to check on progress.

“Working with Rep Data is just so much more efficient for our team. We get project cost and feasibility more quickly, regardless of the market. Our project manager is extremely responsive, any time of the day, and we can have confidence that he is watching our studies closely to determine whether we need to make a change to get the exact audience needed. You just don’t get that level of service with other vendors.”

Jenny Zaragoza, Senior Project Manager, The Sound


As The Sound’s quantitative research division continues to grow and take on more projects, they have chosen Rep Data as a primary source for their sample needs. The relationship saves the agency time and money by creating efficiencies at each stage of the data collection process.