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Siegel and Gale

Rep Data delivers the right data for Siegel+Gale to create strategies their brand clients can trust

Rep Data delivers the right data for Siegel+Gale to create strategies their brand clients can trust


Siegel+Gale provides strategic consulting and branding services for high-profile brands around the world. With clients in a wide variety of industries, the firm is often tasked with uncovering data from highly specialized consumer and B2B audiences.


Finding the right respondents, such as executives in a specific sector, has been an ongoing challenge for Siegel+Gale, and for the sample industry as a whole. For example, one past project required respondents who were corporate financial decision-makers—much different than the potentially more accessible financial services professionals and brokers. The Siegel+Gale team had an uphill battle in making its panel vendor understand the nuances and subtleties surrounding this highly targeted audience, resulting in wasted time going back and forth.

Even worse, once a highly targeted project like this launched, the team would occasionally find out mid-field that the respondent pool did not meet the desired requirements. All of a sudden, they were faced with a sub-optimal set of respondents, resulting in low-quality data and, ultimately, a more difficult time ensuring the data set was solid and of the greatest value to the client.

Siegel+Gale needed a better way to deliver the right data, from the right respondents, in order to create data-driven strategies their brand clients could trust.

The Outcomes

Siegel+Gale turned to Rep Data to find respondents who are not generic, avoid rising fraudulent behavior within panels, and obtain higher quality data for decision making. Because Rep Data sources its respondents differently than traditional panel companies, it was able to deliver quality respondents for even the most nuanced audiences.

One of the first projects completed with Rep Data was for a large healthcare company with a multitude of relevant audiences. It was necessary to source respondents from pharmaceutical companies who held roles ranging from marketing all the way to drug research and development. Siegel+Gale knew that without Rep Data’s advanced methods for sourcing these very specific individuals, they may not have been able to complete the project. With Rep Data, they were able to move forward without issues and deliver quality data from a representative audience.

“I commend the Rep Data team on their innate understanding of the types of audiences we are trying to reach at Siegel+Gale. They take a seasoned approach and are able to deliver the tough targets that we need for our research. Working with them gives us greater certainty and peace of mind that we will be able to deliver what we promised to our clients. We will definitely be using them more and more in the future.”

Brian Rafferty, Global Director, Business Analytics & Insights, Siegel+Gale

The Results

The proof is in the results for Siegel+Gale. Respondents sourced by Rep Data passed quality checks with flying colors, responding appropriately to “trap” questions and providing thoughtful, usable open-end responses. These behaviors helped to demonstrate to the Siegel+Gale team, and their clients, that the data coming out of each study could be trusted and the people surveyed were appropriate.

The Details

Siegel+Gale experienced a different kind of research partner in Rep Data.

  • Quality of data is trustworthy, with study results clearly illustrating that the respondents are engaged, thoughtful and actually qualified for a particular project.
  • Project recruitment is different from a typical panel company, resulting in the ability to fulfill a higher percentage of brand projects, even for very targeted audiences.
  • Experienced team members provide excellent service and show a solid grasp of the type of highly profiled respondents necessary for Siegel+Gale’s strategic approach to branding.