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A collaborative approach with Rep Data means quality outcomes for Navigate's projects

Real-time communication, expert fieldwork and a collaborative approach means quality, on-time outcomes for Navigate’s sports business and entertainment research projects


Navigate is a consulting firm in sports business and entertainment that works with the largest leagues, teams, brands, networks, and universities in the world. By executing a variety of primary research projects, Navigate is able to help its clients make strategic decisions based on quality audience insights. With a wide breadth of different goals and objectives among its clients, the firm helps them to be proactive by delivering concise data-driven answers and recommendations.

The Challenge

Navigate conducts both national and DMA-specific studies for its clients, narrowing all the way down to a single team’s home city. This kind of study requires that the respondents coming into a survey are balanced to represent the market in its entirety. Referred to as click-balancing, this approach can always be a bit tricky, but is made even more challenging for small geographic regions with smaller populations.

It is critical that click-balancing is done right while a study is in field so that the sample maintains integrity and the ensuing data really does represent the market. This means that projects must be closely examined on the front end, and throughout the assignment, to ensure proper quotas are being met. There can often be unexpected movement among audiences after a project is underway and, if needed, the right corrective measures must be implemented quickly to ensure the right people are coming into the study.

Layered on top of this need is the fast-paced nature of the sport industry, as often projects are tasked with meeting event-driven hard deadlines. Much of the time, Navigate is on a rushed timeline and the window for fielding a study is quite small. These constraints mean that there is no room for error, and Navigate needed a data collection partner who understood these challenges, while also matching the firm’s core approach and philosophy.

The Solution

With Rep Data, Navigate found a partner that shared its philosophy of transparency, honesty and collaboration. Because the two companies have similar visions, their sensibilities and approach to every project are harmonized, reducing stress for the Navigate team. The Rep Data team intrinsically understands how critical it is for Navigate to deliver fast, quality insights.

From proactive communications to real-time field monitoring, Rep Data puts its expertise to work. Rep Data examines each project individually before it goes into field, makes sure goals are aligned and identifies solutions to any potential respondent issues. While the project is underway, the team is constantly checking in and letting Navigate know the status, proactively finding solutions to ensure appropriate click balancing. This level of service gives the Navigate team an added layer of confidence.

“Rep Data truly acts as an extension of our team, treating us with the same commitment and philosophy with which we treat our own clients. It is comforting to know that they are paying close attention to every project to ensure it is balanced and that we will get the data we need, on time. I appreciate that they are proactive in field monitoring, and creative in finding solutions to any potential data collection challenges.”

Ally Corbin, Senior Director, Consumer Insights & Strategy, Navigate

The Details

  • Consultative partnership: Rep Data takes a thoughtful approach to even the most complex projects, ensuring both teams are aligned from start to finish.
  • Process clarity: Expectations are set based on a deep understanding of what needs to be accomplished, and what it will take to get there from a feasibility standpoint.
  • Confidence and comfort: Rep Data’s experienced team has “seen it all before” and tackles any challenge through a lens of experience, reducing stress for Navigate’s researchers and ensuring quality outcomes.