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Mantis Research

Rep Data’s approach allows Mantis Research to tap into the data to tell better brand stories

Rep Data’s collaborative approach allows Mantis Research to tap into quality data—and tell better brand stories


Mantis Research helps marketers create, publish and amplify original research in order to boost awareness and build an audience. The data Mantis produces gives marketers the clout they need to accomplish goals such as: garnering media and influencer attention; gaining new leads and new subscribers; and securing speaking and publicity requests. Mantis provides its clients with content that tells a story—backed by credible data that can be amplified far and wide.

The Mantis team obtains this credible data through highly targeted survey-based research that will directly support each client’s business needs. This means tapping into a respondent audience that has the right experience to answer the right questions.


For highly specialized projects, it can be challenging to find the right survey participants. For example, one Mantis client project sought to mine a respondent audience of B2B marketers who work directly with sales departments within their companies. In the past, it has been a struggle for Mantis to find a provider that could help identify quality respondents from difficult-to-reach, specific audiences like this. Even with quality profiling questions and skill test questions to help ensure that the respondent was valid, there were completes coming in from non-qualified respondents, reducing overall data quality.

The Outcomes

For this B2B marketer survey in particular, Mantis worked with Rep Data to establish effective quality checks be- fore the survey launched. The team was highly collaborative in the creation of the questionnaire and the timing of the survey in order to obtain the best possible responses.

While the project was in field, the Rep Data team employed creative solutions to help keep clean data coming into the study. This included checks such as a simple screening question that helped to siphon off disqualified candidates before the survey began. Mantis prioritizes respondent experience, which was reflected in the thoughtful creation of the survey screening questions, balanced with a survey process that was not onerous for the respondent. In the end, this careful process helped ensure that the end-data was higher quality.

“Rep Data understands the whole marketplace with knowledge surrounding all the different panels that are available, and they could source from different partners to get us what we needed. Their collaboration on each step of the data collection process helped us create a positive respondent experience, and higher quality outcomes.”

Michele Linn, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy, Mantis Research

The Details

Mantis Research worked with Rep Data to:

  • Access appropriate respondents from hard-to-mine audiences—resulting in less data to scrub at the project’s conclusion
  • Ensure respondent quality at each stage by employing pre-launch screening and in-survey fielding questions, balanced with a positive respondent experience
  • Launch the study at the appropriate time for optimal participation, saving time on the project overall
  • Tap into highly responsive expert advice and service, grounded Rep Data’s consultative, collaborative approach to every step of the process