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Make Opinion

Research Defender Boosts Revenue by “Multiple Millions of Dollars” for Make Opinion


Berlin-based Make Opinion develops and distributes innovative solutions for qualitative and quantitative self-service market research. In addition to providing tools for the creation, distribution and analysis of surveys, the company has one of the world’s largest global panels, made up of more than 10 million respondents from over 130 markets. Make Opinion’s huge volume of research respondents is a result of the company’s hybrid recruitment methodology — recruiting directly into the panel and also recruiting in real-time using online publisher sources.

Clients can select respondents, based on their desired criteria, from the panel for participation in projects such as surveys, market research studies, face-to-face interviews and in-home use tests. As a major supplier to leading sample and data collection platforms, and with one of the top conversion rates in the industry, the health and engagement of its panel members are core to Make Opinion’s success in the marketplace.


Many top sample suppliers in the industry tap into Make Opinion’s panel, so the team needed to ensure that any individuals provided from their panel were not duplicated across the client’s supply for a specific project. For example, if a potential respondent was sent to a survey from the Make Opinion panel who had already been exposed to that particular survey from another provider, that person would usually be rerouted — sometimes several times. This was a negative survey experience as it was confusing for the respondent and wasted their time while reducing overall conversion rates, and negatively affecting the health of the panel.

Because some clients were not offering deduplication through their APIs, Make Opinion wanted a solution that could resolve any possibility of diminished user experience, boost engagement, optimize conversion rates, and keep its panel healthy.


After trialing a number of potential services, the company chose Research Defender to address any respondent duplication issues before they even began. They were not only attracted by Research Defender’s top-notch customer service, but also the product offering and positioning.

The Make Opinion team implemented /PREDUPE, which provides advanced technology that prevents sending a potential respondent to a survey if that person has already seen the survey.

The implementation of this product immediately created better respondent experiences within the Make Opinion panel, helping retain and engage respondents and deliver better supply to clients.


After implementing Research Defender, in a period of just under two years, Make Opinion has:

  • Saved 8.5 million clicks from being sent to surveys that would have been rejected by the client, resulting in multiple millions of dollars of additional revenue.
  • Saw a 1.2% boost in conversion rate across the company’s entire network of work, again resulting in significant revenue increases.
  • Increased respondent engagement, experience and satisfaction — and retention — a key metric for the company.

Due to this phenomenal success, Make Opinion is now in the process of implementing even more Research Defender tools across its ecosystem, including /SEARCH, which provides fraud prevention services using a proprietary digital fingerprinting tool, in order to receive the real-time “threat potential scores” that this service offers — further boosting overall quality.

"When we were seeking a solution for deduplication, Research Defender quickly rose to the top. We were thrilled by their customer service and how the company positioned itself. After trialing the solution and seeing the results it was a no-brainer to implement their solution, and over the past two years, we’ve seen significant positive results across the board."

Christoph Maiwald, CEO, Make Opinion