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Rep Data helps Latitude° find quality audiences and boost respondent return rates

Rep Data helps Latitude° find quality audiences and boost respondent return rates by 30% for complex video content research projects


Latitude° helps its clients better understand, engage and grow their audiences with its in-the-moment video feedback platform, Lumiere®. By identifying behaviors and attitudes surrounding video content, such as advertisements, program content or both, Latitude delivers valuable audience insights.


With highly targeted audiences, and a need for deep respondent engagement, Latitude was on the lookout for a partner to help deliver respondents that would engage in interactive media experiences, identify those who had viewed content naturally and return to Lumière® to provide rich diagnostic feedback.

Because audience engagement is a key part of Latitude’s value proposition, the company’s surveys are more complex. They ask individuals to view quite a bit of content and provide detailed feedback on that content. This means they need real, live respondents—not bots—providing in-depth, open-end responses that go far beyond single-word answers.

In an ever-shifting sampling environment, Latitude was also looking for a new partner with dependable return rates in a recruit-to-view recontact methodology to obtain sample for robust analysis of results.


Latitude turned to the experts at Rep Data. Because of its flexible and inclusive respondent recruitment model, Latitude was able to tap into a wide variety of sample sources to find just the right people for Latitude’s studies.

In Lumiere®, people are often asked to view both short and long-form content, requiring significant and authentic participant engagement. For example, individuals are sometimes asked to watch Sunday Night Football, several back-to-back episodes or even full-length movies, providing feedback in real time or reacting to content highlights in a post-viewing survey. Rep Data was able to deliver quality respondents to interact with content of all lengths in unique ways.

Full transparency for every project also allows the Latitude team to understand feasibility up front. Even when seeking harder-to-access minority sample groups, such as African American, Spanish language groups or other narrower targets, Rep Data is able to deliver—or let Latitude know immediately if finding respondents would be a challenge. This means Latitude can communicate appropriately with clients about expected study results, with no surprises.

“Our studies are inherently complex, dealing with different kinds of content, different types of clients and different types of study outcomes. With Rep Data, we hoped to access higher quality respondents to deliver higher quality data for our clients. Not only have those expectations been met, they’ve been exceeded.”

Steve Mushkin, Founder, Latitude

The Results

Rep Data delivers the type of people necessary for Latitude’s model to work. Through the partnership, Latitude has been able to: boost sustained respondent engagement significantly; receive thoughtful survey responses and structured reactions from complex audiences; and realize stable return rates—ultimately resulting in higher quality data to clients.

Rep Data helps Latitude to better connect the right people with immersive and interactive research experiences. Specifically, Latitude has experienced:

  • Increases in respondent return rates from approximately 7-8% up to 30%
  • Higher quality respondents who stay engaged and provide usable feedback (such as complete and robust verbatims), on long-form content viewing of 30-60 minutes
  • Data quality that is a magnitude higher, with greater representivity and more complete insights
  • Ability to accomplish more complicated and valuable studies, even with harder-to-find populations, that might otherwise have been difficult to complete