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From Full-Service to Full Success: Humantel Finds Cost Savings and Data Quality with Rep Data's Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Research Desk Platform


Humantel, a strategic intelligence collective, is made up of a network of forward-thinking professionals who have come together to pursue a more comprehensive understanding of human behavior. The company brings people together that represent different consumer experience touchpoints in categories ranging from film to food and everything in between. Sometimes described as a ‘think tank powered by insights’, Humantel offers robust consumer intelligence via a growing library of proprietary content to help inform decision making and thought leadership in a changing world.


Humantel leverages insights from its studies to generate content, focusing on the “why” that drives consumer behavior and decision-making and seeking to fill in the gaps left by more traditional approaches. The company’s offerings act as a catalyst for discussion among its members, who are curious about human behavior and motivations, but don't necessarily want to get bogged down by the research itself.

Many studies require large reach to gather statistically significant data that provides the depth and breadth of insight that its members expect. With upwards of 200,000 completes planned for the year ahead, Humantel needs a data collection partner and solution that is consistent, efficient and delivers the “highest quality data with the least number of headaches.”


The Humantel team turned to Rep Data for help, beginning by using the company’s full-service offering. They found that the Rep Data team truly understood the goals of the research and were on top of every project from start to finish, filling quotas in a timely manner and paying close attention to the integrity of the data. This gave Humantel a high level of comfort that their research projects would be delivered on time and the data would be high quality, requiring very little time-consuming cleanup at the end.

When Rep Data launched its DIY platform, Research Desk, Humantel was quick to adopt the new solution. They found that Rep Data’s full-service sensibility was reflected in the platform and through its integration of Research Defender, which emphasized quality assurance and a top-notch user experience. In fact, they found that the user interface for Research Desk is so intuitive and tailored for market researchers that there was no disruption in workflow for the team – they were able to integrate and start using the solution immediately.


Since the first engagement with Rep Data, Humantel has felt confident that each of its research projects would be executed with care and deliver solid results. These benefits carried over seamlessly the use of Research Desk, with the added benefit of dramatically reducing the cost of the research. This allows the Humantel team to put more effort, time and resources into creating the content that comes out of the research and driving the conversation about the insights.

With the platform, Humantel is able to easily and cost effectively run studies with large sample sizes equalling thousands of respondents, something that was not previously possible. With consistent traffic coming in for studies, the team has found that Research Desk consistently fills quotas on time, even among hard-to-reach groups. In addition, it delivers data that meets Humantel’s standards, which are much higher than industry norms, and including Research Defender's industry-leading technology resulting in far less data being thrown out at the end of each project.

Humantel found that using Research Desk:

  • Dramatically reduces the cost of research
  • Allows them to easily fills quotas for even large studies of 5,000+ respondents and hard-to-reach audiences
  • Delivers data that meets the company’s stringent quality standards
  • Greatly reduces the amount of unusable data at the end of a project
  • Provides an agile, nimble platform for streamlined project execution from start to finish

"From the start of our relationship with Rep Data, we have been impressed with the quality and attentiveness of the team, which translates into a high level of comfort and trust. Additionally, they’ve built a platform that is extremely easy to use and responds the way you need it to respond as a researcher. Because it provides such a big cost savings, we’ve been able to shift our resources from gathering information to using information – to create content and drive conversations – ultimately providing more value to our members."

Steve Kantscheid, Founder, Humantel