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We write for Forbes about the importance of Primary Research


As our recent study with Loyalty Research Center showed, understanding customers in a cookieless world has become a top priority for high performance companies. Our founder and CEO Patrick Stokes recently wrote about this topic for Forbes, covering what we found out about the pivots marketers are making in the face of increased privacy demands and a changing consumer landscape.

In the article, he dives into the insights we uncovered in the recent study, and how we sourced a niche survey audience of director-level, executive and C-level marketers at leading B2B, B2C and B2B2C companies in more than 15 vertical industries to provide survey responses. He writes, “While this audience would generally be hard to get through traditional data collection and respondent recruitment methods, we were able to use our specialized approach which identifies individuals and verifies that each one meets profiling criteria.” 

What we found was that the best marketers and organizations are making structural changes, employing new technology stacks and prioritizing primary research initiatives - using “market research as part of their toolkit to combat the loss of cookies.” This means the need for representative survey audiences is on the rise, and new methodologies and approaches are needed for data collection in order to gain high quality data and insights. 

Patrick lists three best practices for businesses looking to boost their primary quantitative research projects, specifically when it comes to market research sample sourcing and data collection piece of the process. He reiterates that an experienced data collection firm with expert staff can help companies achieve better outcomes, and avoid a “one size fits all” survey respondent recruitment approach. He outlines the various recruitment methods to consider based on the desired target survey audience, and how specialized sample recruitment methods can help with highly niche audiences. Quality control and monitoring throughout a project lifecycle is also an important feature to look for in a data collection partner.  

He concludes the article with, “If your business is seeking to generate audience understanding, some of the tools you use to do so today, like cookies, will soon become things of the past. Our study indicates that high performance marketers are prioritizing primary research. And good primary research takes a solid data collection foundation that accesses the representative, targeted audience you need to help your business make the best decisions.” 

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