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We write about company culture for Forbes


In his latest article for Forbes, our CEO Patrick Stokes writes about taking action to transform company culture. As the global workplace continues to change, creating strategy and culture that really works with new communication and employment needs is critical. In the article, called “Why Actions Matter When Creating A Culture Of Strategy And Execution”, Patrick covers how Rep Data employs strategy, culture and execution organically, plus how taking action on these concepts helps us serve both our employees and our clients at a higher level. 

He begins the article by briefly covering Mike Figliuolo’s LinkedIn course about this subject, and how some of those class takeaways can be applied in real life. Patrick writes about the importance of clearly defining goals with measurable outcomes, effectively communicating across the company and how to shift from abstract ideas surrounding culture to taking real action toward changing it. 

Businesses should be ready for a number of common tasks and challenges that may ensue while creating a culture of strategy and execution. Patrick covers both the steps and the necessary mindset to start moving forward, including:

  • Confidence: Implementing and testing new processes to ensure they will be successful. Once the team has seen a new process produce on-the-ground results, they will be more confident in employing it as they move forward.
  • Focus: Pick the top objective and ladder everything else up to it. At Rep Data, we prioritize client care and satisfaction, so everything we do is done with this objective in mind. 
  • Investment: Patrick writes “Your team is what makes your culture strong and sustainable” so make investments in them to make sure they have the knowledge, tools and incentives they need for success. 

He concludes by covering how an ongoing focus on culture has proven successful at Rep Data. We work hard every day on culture, using simple approaches that focus on transparency, communication and tools/solutions that keep things flowing smoothly, both internally and externally. In today’s business ecosystem, leaders must take action “By creating an active, dynamic and vibrant culture that fosters strategy.”

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