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Need a niche audience for your survey? We've got you.

Do you need hard-to-find respondents for your quantitative survey research? That's our specialty at Rep Data. Targeted B2B survey respondents all the way to highly profiled consumer survey audiences - we can get you the individuals you need, every time. We do it by tapping into the global sample ecosystem and creatively sourcing respondents that fit your study parameters exactly. We aren't restricted to a single panel or marketplace, so we deliver representative survey audiences from a wide, diverse number of sources - quickly and accurately. 

With us, you’ll find that we employ a number of measures to ensure your primary research project is successful:

  • Unbiased approach to market research sample: we leverage API connections with hundreds of panel suppliers around the world. This means greater reach, and more representative sample. 
  • Custom recruitment methodology: we connect personally with B2B respondents to ensure the right people are taking your survey and that the data they provide is solid. 
  • Expert project management: our team has deep industry experience, so we shepherd every project to its best possible outcome, starting with the right survey participants.
  • Focus on data quality: we improve sample quality through rigorous, validated methodologies, including layering advanced fraud mitigation techniques to create a clean research ecosystem.

Leave market research sample feasibility issues in the dust. There's no need to struggle with poorly projected quotas or CPIs that don't deliver; we ensure you reach the right survey participants from the beginning. No mid-stream scrambling. 

Rep Data offers full-service data collection solutions for primary researchers. Request a quote today to find the right survey audience, on time and on budget.