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We write for Forbes about practical ways to strengthen client relationships


Our clients come from a wide range of industries, all with different types of products, services and business models. Each requires a different approach to finding market research audiences, but it is that common ground that we find with every client that really makes lasting relationships. Our CEO Patrick Stokes writes for Forbes about how building rapport, finding shared values and gaining a deep understanding of each client’s situation, up front, has helped us build such strong business relationships at Rep Data. 

In his latest article, How finding shared values and common ground can future-proof your client relationships”, he covers our process for connecting with clients. Using the example of one of our clients, a consulting firm in sports business and entertainment called Navigate, he writes about how they voiced their appreciation of how a “shared philosophy of transparency, honesty and collaboration” between our two companies just took their confidence to the next level. 

He then outlines three key ways to find shared values with clients and customers, and start strengthening those relationships from the ground up. Patrick says to:

  • Take the time at the beginning of the partnership to understand your client’s unique situation - you will be better able to evaluate their exact needs. “Because they feel that you have their best interests at heart, and you are watching out for them as an extension of their team, they can breathe a sigh of relief.”
  • Communicate often about status so they know you are taking their project seriously. “Commit to a high level of communication, which can boost confidence for your clients and definitely reduce their stress because they know they can count on you.”
  • Ensure you have a way for them to provide feedback. Don’t just stop when the project, implementation or product delivery is done. Instead provide a way for clients to give proactive feedback, such as a satisfaction survey, so you can keep relationships healthy. “Knowledge is power - for both you and your client.”

He concludes the article with: “The process of gaining clarity into the needs of your client can help to align your teams and uncover common ground that is important for building a strong, lasting relationship. For specific projects, finding shared values can ensure alignment and set clear expectations, so that everyone succeeds.”

For the complete article, visit Forbes.